According to the East Suns MVP process and training to be an East Sun, Today’s theme would focus on Selfless.  What does it mean to be selfless?  To be selfless is to focus on the “WE” and not the “ME”.  SELFLESS means not focusing in on how much playing “I” I will receive or how many points “I” will score or if “I” played well; but rather SELFLESS means putting the priorities, wants and needs of the team first.  It is understanding your individual role on the team.  What do you do to make the team better?  Is it coming off the bench to give a player a breather?  If it is, then you when your number is called, you better be ready to compete.

Being SELFLESS is more about being a good TEAMMATE, Being a GOOD ROLE MODEL and doing what is asked of you even if you disagree with the situation or your role.  Some of the greatest athletes in sports have shown tremendous SELFLESS attitudes in ways we do not think of.  For instance, how many former All-Stars now are 6th men in the NBA?  Sure, it could be because they want to win, but I look at it more as they understand what their role is on the team and why they were brought in.  They do not have to perform at an All-Star level to make an impact on the team, but yet, they understand and embrace their role.  As an athlete, we must understand our role and at times, even if we don’t like it, we have to accept and compete with ourselves to make us the version of who we are.  If us as athletes are unsure of our role, it is definitely OK to ask  for clarity as to what your role is within an organization or on a team.

Once you as a person become more SELFLESS, and we become better teammates within a program, the better the program begins.  Remember, the BEST team does not always win, but rather the TEAM WHO PLAYS THE BEST AND WORKS TOGETHER who flourishes in the end


DOMINATE THE DAY and Remember you are competing against yourself to be the version of you.  What are you going to do to achieve a SELFLESS attitude today?