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One thing we started here at EAST is the ability to know, understand and apply what our core principles mean in the classroom, on the athletic playing surface, in the community, in society and at home.  One part of the overall Mission, Vision and Principles of East athletics is to understand what it means to be an EAST SUN…. Were you aware of the EAST SUN creed?  If not, here is a video of another High School, that understand their pre-game routine and its the same every game, as well as understanding their core principles by reciting them and living in the present moment…. What does all of that get you???  The outcomes you want as a program.  You see, LEADERS have a set of BELIEFS.  Those sets of BELIEFS (Core principles or core values) lead to culture.  That culture will lead to how you behavior in aspect of your life and that BEHAVIOR will lead to RESULTS…..  Watch the video below for real life application within a high school setting