The reason behind “Train to be an East Sun” and the core principles we have instilled within the department is very simple.  Core principles or core values are essential to establishing the culture you want.  In the world of champions, the following equation has been proven to defeat all strategies.  The key word is BEHAVIOR.  How you act as a coach, athlete, parent, community member or teacher within the athletic arena will determine what type of culture you want to build and what type of culture you have.

LEADERS determine a set of beliefs (what do we believe in as an organization)

those BELIEFS determine a set of BEHAVIOR (how we should act in athletics)

Those BEHAVIORS will determine the CULTURE( how do we want to be perceived)

That CULTURE will ultimately determine our RESULTS (What goals do we have)

So, think about your current program, organization or team.  What culture do you have?  Is it producing the results you want?  If not, then your behaviors may have to change or your beliefs may have to change.