Girls Varsity Cross Country · Get to know your Coaches-Kara Moran (Girls Cross Country Assistant Coach)

During the upcoming weeks we will be using the void in athletics to let our students, parents, and community get to know our coaches.  We have great coaches at West Bend East and we want everyone to learn just how great they are!
Our next coach is Kara Moran.  Kara helps coach girls cross country at West Bend East.  Below is a little bit from Coach Moran so you can get to know here a little better.

My name is Kara Moran, my husband, Mike, and I, along with our four kids moved to West Bend almost 16 years ago after living in Eastern Siberia, Russia for 8 years.  8 years ago, when my daughter, Maggie, was a junior on the East XC team, Rob Sanborn convinced me to become his assistant coach for the team.

I coach because I love influencing the lives of high school girls.  Cross Country, of course, is the best sport of them all 😊.  I get to watch girls who have never run in their lives turn into confident, strong runners who realize that, not only can the push themselves in running, but they can push themselves in life.  I get to watch girls grow in confidence, in leadership, and resiliency which impacts the rest of their lives.  I get to be a part of a team that: works really hard together, sweats together, runs hills together, celebrates each girl’s accomplishments together, cries together and laughs together.

As for hobbies…I love to walk, run and road bike.  I also love to read, bake and cook.

My husband and I have been married for 26 years.  We have 4 awesome and unique children and ONE WONDERFUL GRANDSON NAMED EZRA. Currently, our daughter Maggie, her husband, Matt, and son Ezra have moved in to our West Bend home to save money for a down payment on a house.  We have a crazy and full house.

What do I like about West Bend?  We have always like (loved) that you can walk or ride your bike almost anywhere you need to go in West Bend.  I love that we are close to the wonderful trails in the Kettle Moraine.  I also love that there is a great, strong road biking community here.

As for a funny story…I save all those for those hard practice days.  You’ll have to come and run with our team to hear them.  The girls who have spent time on our team have heard a wealth of funny stories from my life, whether they have wanted to hear them or not.

During this insane time we have maintained our regular exercise (walking, running, hiking, biking) as much as possible to combat all the BAKING AND EATING we are doing!  I have also established a virtual community on our street to keep our neighbors all connected and communicating so that we can help each other.  I pray a lot and spend time each day reading my Bible to find encouragement.

My advice to students?  Get off of your devices (except to communicate with each other)!  Get outside.  Walk, hike, bike, run…do anything active and outside in the sun as much as possible.  And, remember the ‘long view’…this time, though is rough, will only last a little while.  Just ask your grandparents, who may have lived through the depression, or the polio outbreak.  One day we’ll look back on it and marvel at how crazy it was.