Girls Varsity Cross Country · Get to Know Your Coaches-Rob Sanborn (Girls Cross Country)

  1. Tell me a little about yourself?  My name is Rob Sanborn. I was born and raised in Hazel Park, Michigan (a small inner ring suburb of Detroit). I graduated from Michigan State University with B.S. in Geology and then earned a M.S. in Geology from Northern Illinois University. Since college graduation, I have worked as a hydrogeologist and for the last 12 years I’ve taught at the UW-Colleges (now UW-Milwaukee) at Washington County and Waukesha campuses. In high school, I was your typical nerdy science kid who had zero interest in sports, well, maybe a little interest in the typical spectator sports but I was from Detroit and you only can take so much losing. During my junior year of high school, I was coaxed/peer pressured into joining cross country by my best friends. The team was coached a by hall of fame coach who not only knew how to build cross country teams into winners but knew how to make every runner an important part of a cross country family. That first season was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life but it planted the seeds for a lifetime of running.

  1. Why do you coach? My wife made me! Lisa along with some of my running friends convinced me that I should apply for the position. I am forever thankful that they pushed me to try coaching. One my first and best coaching decisions was to convince Kara Moran to be an assistant coach. Kara’s seemingly endless enthusiasm and joy for the team is truly amazing. I continue to coach because it is really cool to see young women who have never run before realize that they are strong and they can run faster than they ever thought they could. The girls, their siblings and parents are some of the finest people I have met in my life. Their kindness and generosity keep me coming back for more.

  1. What are your hobbies? Running is my main hobby. Running keeps me sane and healthy. This is my 41styear of running and during that time I have run lots of different races with 2014 Boston Marathon as the highlight. Reading is next. I’m pretty happy reading most anything—fiction (mostly science fiction) and non-fiction (most any history or science).

  1. Tell us about your family? I’m married to Lisa (aka Sugarfish). We celebrated our 30thanniversary last year. We have three kids—Matt-25, Emma-23, and Rachel-21. All three ran cross country and graduated from West Bend East. I’m thankful that I have had the privilege of coaching both of my daughters.

  1. What do you like best about West Bend East? The people! The faculty, staff, coaches and students that I have encountered during my short coaching career are all helpful, giving and truly amazing people.

  1. A funny story about you? I don’t have any funny stories. I will say that while I coach I let myself be my truly awkward and nerdy self.  That has led girls to write songs, well, maybe lyrics, like “Rob, Rob, the rock god” or, maybe, “Rob, Rob, the rock guy” or, maybe, “Rob, Rob, the nerd guy” sung to the tune of Bill Nye The Science Guy, who some say I look like.


  1. What you are doing during these trying times to stay entertained and continue some normalcy?  So far, I haven’t had much time to try to have some normalcy. I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to switch my face-to-face classes to online and then doing it. To give me something to think about, I’m continuing to train for a marathon, even though the Eau Claire Marathon has been postponed until September. I may run a virtual marathon on the Eisenbahn in early May.


  1. Some advice to students during these times.  Same advice I always give the girls on the team. Eat good food, drink lots of water, move your body and go OUTSIDE!