Suns News · Get to Know Your Coaches-Alex Kain

Get to Know Alex Kain.

Alex oversees our strength program, coaches dive, and gymnastics.

My name is Alex Kain and I am the owner of A1 Crossfit and we do Strength and Conditioning for East High School. A lot of people maybe don’t realize this, but I lived in New Zealand and Australia for about 5 years total.
I coach because it is what I have been doing all my life. I want to help people and I want to help improve their situation. After working at Froedtert Hospital in Cardiac Rehab, I realized I was getting clients too late and/or I was getting clients who didn’t want to help themselves. I want to find people who don’t know how to better their situation in terms of diet and exercise and help them. But first, they need to realize they need help.
My hobbies are my Truck, my motorcycles, and my dog. I like working on all of them and making home improvements too.
I have a sister who is younger than me and my 2 parents. I am not married and I do not have any kids, so that is the extent of my family. I had 2 dogs but one passed not to long ago so now it’s just me and the one dog.
I like West Bend East because I graduated from West Bend East back in 1997.
A funny story of me when I was younger is when my younger sister learned how to burp on command. She thought she was pretty cool when she learned how to do this and she did it all the time. She would suck in some air and let out this little “uurrrppp” sound. She also learned how to do it rather quickly by sucking in some air letting out an “uurrrpp” sucking in air again and letting out another burp, in rapid succession. My father could also do it too but his burps were definitely more matured and developed. One night at dinner my sister was doing it repeatedly at the dinner table and my mother told my father not to antagonize her and not to burp back. After dinner my father laid down on the couch and started reading the paper. My sister proceeded to climb up onto the armrest of the couch just above where my dad was resting his head as he read the paper. I was in the living room playing with lego’s or He-man, or GI Joe and kind of casually “observing” what was developing. My sister who was now positioned above my dad leaned over and began to assault my dad with many burps in rapid succession. She let out an onslaught of repetitive burps to try and get my dad to participate. It’s almost like she was trying to challenge him to a burping competition or something. My dad then brought the paper up higher and covered his face. It was like my dad was waving a white flag and surrendering or giving up without a fight. My sisters onslaught of belches than started to dwindle as it appeared she wasn’t going to get much of a fight. It was at that point when it seemed like my sister was giving up my dad lowered the paper and let out this humongous, earth-shaking, coming from the inner depths of the stomach, rumbling belch. It caught my sister so off guard that she lifted her head back as in an attempt to get out of the way of the monstrous belch and did this so quickly that she proceeded to fall backwards off the arm rest and landed flat on her back on the carpeting below. I began laughing hysterically, and this was a laugh of all laughs. It quickly proceeded into the eyes watering up and tearing laugh followed by the stomach is getting sore kind of laugh and then proceeded into a laugh I have never encountered before and honestly I hope I never encounter again. My stomach started locking up and I was laughing so hard that I was unable to stop to catch a breath of air. This quickly created a bit of panic in me but all the while still laughing. At this point it seemed as though I couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t breath at the same time and my body did what it needed to do to stop me from laughing which was… vomit. I began vomiting all over the place but the good news is that I had stopped laughing and I could now breathe, however the laughing was now replaced by crying. It turned into one of the most comical nights my family ever encountered and made for a pretty good story too.
What I am doing at this time to continue some normalcy is trying to continue helping people. We are still open as a gym and are offering online classes and online services. We can continue to help our clients even though we don’t have a location to go to. I am also keeping up with my exercise. You might find me out on the Eisenbahn with my dog Charlie and pulling me on some rollerblades. My dog needs exercise too lol.
I think the most important thing to do is first of all not worry. This will pass, and while it might take longer than we’d like we will get through this and it’s NOT the end of the world. Keep up with your diet and exercise. As we are finding out, COVID-19 is taking more lives in Western civilization because of the poor diets and lack of exercise. Now is the time to invest in your diet and exercise. Focus on eating good wholesome food, not junk food or fast food. Get outside and exercise, or stay inside and exercise. If you need help with either one of them contact us, this is our specialty. Remember, you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, easy, cheap, or fake.