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As East Athletics starts building more and more Championship Culture habits, one theme from all sports psychologists that keeps coming up is the use of Body Language, Focus and Self-Talk.  These characteristics are also known as BFS.  BFS is what makes athletes mentally tough in all aspects of life.  Body Language can tell opponents if you are defeated.  Focus or lack of focus will tell how in the moment you are.  Are you dwelling on mistakes by committing more mistakes?  Are you a step slower because you have in your head the mistake or bad shot that you made the last trip down the floor?  Finally, Self-Talk.  Self-Talk is how you mentally communicate to yourself or you brain about what you are going to do to change the mistake you just made or to learn.  Self-Talk let’s you clear your mind and refocus on the present moment.  It is a reset button within you to restart that next task.  After all, we are all about the process and the details.  We all need to hit the reset when things don’t go as planned or go our way.  In life, there will be failures.  No one goes through a day without having a failure.  These failures can be with sports, with teammates, in the classroom, with relationships, with friends or anything.  It is how you hit the reset button, how you DO confidence and how you mentally focus on the next task.  Confidence is not a feeling, but a CHOICE.  We can choose to be confident or not.  Having the right body language helps with confidence.

The clip below is a TED video that is the 2nd most viewed video.  It is from an Amy Cuddy who who wrote the book PRESENCE and how being in the PRESENT moment and utilizing high power body language can effect your life forever.